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Look Inside the Bixby Playbook
(With Game Film)

Bixby Offensive Coordinator Tyler Schneider has put together one of the most diverse and creative offenses in high school football, and now he's sharing 101 of his favorite plays, along with the film!


Here's what you'll get in the book:

  • Formations, Motions & Shifts - A look at some of the most exotic formations and pre-snap movements from this offense
  • RPOs - Some of Bixby's favorite RPO concepts
  • Pass Game - How they adapt a few simple concepts in a full-fledged pass game
  • Gadget Plays - Some of the most creative trick plays you've ever seen
  • Run Game - The many different ways the Bixby offense has to create different gap schemes
  • And more!

PLUS: Clips of EVERY Play in the Book!

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Coaches LOVE It!

"I love the creativity of the motions, shifts and gadgets. Excited to install a couple of these things to gain leverage on opponents."

- Ryan Stieren

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