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The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series

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The Bixby Spartans have become famous for being one of the most creative offenses in the country. 

Now, their 9x State Champion Offensive Coordinator Tyler Schneider is sharing ALL his secrets!.

It's not just creative - IT WORKS

Check out these numbers:

2014 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 41.4 ppg
2015 - 9-4 (State Champs) - 37.5 ppg
2016 - 10-3 (State Champs) - 44.5 ppg
2017 - 8-5 (Semi-Finals) - 31.9 ppg
2018 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 41.9 ppg
2019 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 52.5 ppg
2020 - 11-0 (State Champs) - 46.5 ppg
2021 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 57.2 ppg
2022 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 53 ppg
2023 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 59.6 ppg

113-15 in the past ten seasons
73-2 last six seasons (97% win percentage)


The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series

In this video series, Bixby Offensive Coordinator Tyler Schneider EVERYTHING about their scheme

Here's what you'll get in this series-

  • Video 1 - Philosophy & Strategy
  • Video 2 - One Word Play Calls
  • Video 3 - Gadgets, Special & Screens
  • Video 4 - Formation Adjustments and Motions
  • Video 5 - Tagging the Pass Game
  • Video 6 - Gap Schemes & Run Tags

PLUS - Get all the cut ups used in this presentation with no commentary so you can watch and rewind as much as you want.

Over SEVEN hours of intense football instruction from one of the best in the business.

See more below:

Video 1 - Strategy & Philosophy

Featuring the "Strike 'Em Out" Game Plan process that Bixby has used for years, and how you can adapt this simple process to your own scheme.

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Video 2 - One Word Play Calls

A full guide on how they use their one word play call package, including some benefits from using one word calls they didn't expect.

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Video 3 - Gadgets, Specials & Screens

Nearly an hour on some of the craziest plays you've ever seen. A brutally honest look at the plays that worked, and even the few that didn't.

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Video 4 - Formations Adjustments & Motions

Coach Schneider takes you through several seasons of film and gives you an exhaustive list of all their formation and motion tags. This video is almost an hour and a half of ways to line up differently to confuse your opponent.

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Video 5 - Tagging the Pass Game to be More Multiple

How Bixby uses just a handful of base concepts that look different from week to week based on how they line up.

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Video 6 - Gap Schemes & Run Tags

Bixby's run game is creative and elaborate, so in this video Coach Schneider explains how they teach it, and how they install it with different tags for their TEs and FBs while keeping things the same for the offensive line.

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Here's what coaches are saying about this course:

Bixby Offense

Bixby Offense Video

Bixby Offense Video
Bixby Offense Video
Bixby Offense Video

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FAQ 1: How can the Bixby Offense help high school coaches improve their football team's performance?

A: The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series is a comprehensive video series intended to provide high school coaches with a valuable look into the Bixby Offense, which has a proven track record of success in Oklahoma high school football. Led by offensive coordinator Tyler Schneider, the series covers various aspects, including offensive strategies, player development in program, and game preparation. While touching on the Bixby winning streak and the team's journey to the state championship numerous times, this series offers practical guidance for coaches looking to elevate their high school football program both philosophically and schematically.

FAQ 2: How did Bixby High School Win So Many State Championships?

A: Coach Schneider and his offense at Bixby High School have achieved an impressive 11-man record and secured consecutive state championships in Oklahoma high school football. The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series details the strategies and techniques employed by Coach Montgomery and Schneider, including the contributions of standout players like Connor Kirby and Cale Fugate. By dissecting their game this season and the challenges they overcame, this series showcases the collective efforts and great job done by the Bixby football team, providing valuable insights for coaches and players.

FAQ 3: How has the Bixby Offense gained recognition in the world of high school football?

A: The Bixby Offense has gained significant recognition in the world of high school football, with its success and achievements being widely acknowledged. The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series highlights the team's journey, as covered by publications like Tulsa World, shedding light on the impact of their strategies and coaching methodologies. Through the direct lens of their offensive coordinator Tyler Schneider, you get access to film analysis, and behind-the-scenes footage.  This series offers an in-depth understanding of the Bixby Offense and its relevance to the broader landscape of high school football.

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The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series

Bixby Offense Complete Series

Tony Smith

The Bixby Offense: The Complete Series

Chad Fox
The Bixby Offense - Complete Series

Really great stuff here. Very detailed clinic video series and this explains nuances of the Bixby Offense.