Michigan's Bunch Play Action Concept (Diagram and Explanation)

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Michigan has a powerful run game, which means they've got the ability to be very creative when it comes to play action.

This is taken directly from our latest release: 101 Plays from the Michigan Offense

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Michigan's Offense vs Nebraska - 8:54 2Q

This is one of the most diabolical plays in the Michigan playbook, because it’s so natural for a safety to see the outside receiver insert himself into the bunch and come flying downhill, reading what looks like run. 

The Y and the H both fire out on their blocks in opposite directions, while the quarterback and running back mesh up on a hard run fake. As we’ve talked about earlier in the book, the defense is especially vulnerable to these kinds of fakes in the red zone, because the margin for error is so slim, and they are much more likely to be aggressive because they’re not worried about giving up a deep shot down the field.

Michigan Offense - Play Action Bunch Z Wrap Corner vs Nebraska

The Z wraps around the Y’s block, as if he was going to iso block on the near defender, but immediately angles back toward the pylon and finds himself wide open for a touchdown.

The QB has other options on this play. The Y is releasing late off of his block into the flat, and the X starts off on his path as if he’s angling to block the near safety, but the reality is that even if it’s not a perfectly wide open throwing lane like it is here, he’ll just throw it to the back pylon where either his receiver catches it or nobody does. 

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