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101 Plays - 2022 College Playoff Book Bundle

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Get everything you need for the College Football Playoff right here with a complete offensive breakdown on all four teams.

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These books cover topics like:

  • How Georgia combines multiple shifts and tempos into a creative scheme that makes life extremely difficult on defenses
  • Ohio State's dangerous mix of pro style concepts and college RPO schemes
  • Michigan's power run game and vertical play action passing attack
  • TCU's up tempo spread and how it works

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FAQ 1: What Offenses Did the 2022 College Football Playoff Teams Run?

A: The 101 Plays: College Football Playoff Bundle offers a comprehensive analysis of the unqiue offensive strategies employed by each of the four teams that made the college football playoffs. With individual books covering each team, readers gain insights into over 400 total plays, providing a deep understanding of their respective offenses. Whether it's the West Coast offense utilized by one team, the run-heavy approach of another, or the innovative pistol offense, this bundle delves into the offensive philosophies and play calling strategies of each team's head coach and offensive coordinator. From pre-snap reads to execution, these books provide valuable analysis and insight into the offensive systems that led these teams to the College Football Playoff.

FAQ 2: How Did These Teams Make the College Football Playoffs?

A: The 101 Plays: College Football Playoff Bundle recognizes the influential roles played by head coaches and key players in the success of their respective teams. Each book within the bundle examines the offensive strategies implemented by notable head coaches like Jim Harbaugh and their offensive coordinators. Additionally, the books explore the impact of key players, such as Stetson Bennett and Donovan Edwards, who have left their mark on the teams they represent. Through detailed analysis and play breakdowns, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the offensive philosophies and the individuals who have shaped the success of these teams on their journey to the College Football Playoff.

FAQ 3: What Teams Made the 2022 College Football Playoffs?

A: The four teams that made the college football playoffs include: Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, and TCU. With one of the four books covering teams like Michigan Football and their representation of the Big Ten conference, readers gain insights into the offensive strategies employed within these competitive contexts. Whether you're interested in the offensive systems prevalent in Ann Arbor or the other teams that have left their mark in on college football this season, this book covers it all.