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Georgia's Simple QB Draw RPO (Diagram & Explanation)

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Georgia's offense needed lots of answers in 2022, and this play is one example.

Let's talk about an RPO that works against just about anything, but can also be useful for clearing up the picture against defenses that like to throw a lot of crazy looks at an opposing offense.

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Keep reading to learn more about this play and the philosophy behind it.

Georgia vs Samford - 2:56 1Q 

In this look, Bennett has to love the boundary hitch pre-snap to take it, otherwise, he can choose between throwing the swing screen or keeping it himself on a QB draw.

Flare motioning the back pre-snap assists Bennett in analyzing the box picture, and the Samford defense displays little movement in accounting for the RB’s exit from the

Both options look solid for Bennett with numbers and cushion to the field side and 5 for 5 in the box.

Georgia QB Draw RPO vs Samford

With a favorable box count in a 2nd and short situation, it’s tough to blame Bennett for opting to keep the football. However, he’s unable to pick up the first down as the Georgia OL struggles to gain a push as the NT and 4i disrupt the play with their twists up front.

This kind of concept that gets four eligible receivers to a side forces defenses like 3-safety and 3-3 stack fronts to be more explicit about their pre-snap alignment, and even though they have more adjustment answers than traditional 4-down defenses, it can be an answer to clear up the picture between the tackles just a little bit.

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