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101 Plays from the Bixby Offense

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The Bixby Spartans have won 9 of the last 10 State Championships in Oklahoma, including last season, when they moved up a class and beat defending 6A-1 State Champion and powerhouse Tulsa Jenks HS on their way to their title number nine.

This team has become famous for being one of the most creative offenses in the country, and in this new book, Bixby Offensive Coordinator Tyler Schneider shares analysis of some of their most creative plays.

It's not just creative - IT WORKS

Check out these numbers:

2014 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 41.4 ppg
2015 - 9-4 (State Champs) - 37.5 ppg
2016 - 10-3 (State Champs) - 44.5 ppg
2017 - 8-5 (Semi-Finals) - 31.9 ppg
2018 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 41.9 ppg
2019 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 52.5 ppg
2020 - 11-0 (State Champs) - 46.5 ppg
2021 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 57.2 ppg
2022 - 12-1 (State Champs) - 53 ppg
2023 - 13-0 (State Champs) - 59.6 ppg

113-15 in the past ten seasons
73-2 last six seasons (97% win percentage)

Here's what you'll get in this book-

  • Formations, Motions & Shifts - A look at some of the craziest formations and pre-snap movements from this offense.
  • RPOs - Some of Bixby's favorite RPO concepts.
  • Pass Game - How they adapt a few simple concepts into a full-fledged pass game
  • Gadget Plays - Some of the most creative trick plays you've ever seen.
  • Run Game - The many different ways the Bixby offense has to create different gap schemes
  • And more!

PLUS - Get cut ups of EVERY play used in the book!

Don't wait, grab your copy today!

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Stieren

I love the creativity of the motions, shifts and gadgets. Excited to install a couple of these things to gain leverage on opponents.

Robbie Robertson

My only problem is I lost the link to the cut ups either by my fault or whatever --I have been to a local high school North Cobb and recommended the whole Bixby Program which I have and continue to study, please let me know if I can get the Cut ups back to look at .Augusuts Robertson-[****]

Nephi Laga

101 Plays from the Bixby Offense