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The Slot-T Offense: Video 4 - The Counter Series

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This is Part 4 of a 6-Part Series titled: "The Slot-T Offense"

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The Slot-T offense has been a tightly guarded secret, but now Shawn Liotta, head coach at Burrell High School (PA) is telling you everything you want to know!

Follow along as he explains how they built a winning season without a quarterback who could run a normal spread no-huddle offense.

NOTHING is off-limits in this 6-Part Series!

Topics covered include:

  • The Secret of why this Offense is so tough to stop - What Slot-T Coaches are looking for on every play that's so different from most offenses - and why it makes it so tough on the defense
  • How to use "Attack Zones" to call plays in the Slot-T and find holes in the defense - Which means there's always room to run the football even when the defense loads the box
  • The BEST plays to use as a short yardage package - So you don't need to chance your entire offense to take advantage of what the Slot-T can do.
  • The REAL Slot-T Terminology - So you can learn how this offense is set up and install it with your team.
  • Slot-T Game Film and Cut Ups - Over an hour of Game Film with no commentary so you can watch it and rewind at your own pace

Here's the full lineup

  1. The Slot-T Foundations & Philosophy
  2. The Slot-T Power Series
  3. The Slot-T Sweep Series
  4. The Slot-T Counter Series
  5. The Slot-T Pass Game
  6. How We Practice the Slot-T
  7. BONUS: Slot-T Game Film Cut Ups

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Part 4 - The Slot-T Counter Series

Topics covered include:

  • The Counter Play
  • The Reverse Play
  • The most common defensive issues you'll encounter
  • And more!

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