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The Mercer Offense: Gadgets & Screens

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This is Part 5 of a 6-Part Series titled: "The Mercer Offense"

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Coach Bob Bodine has had a long career in college football, and at Mercer University he's helped put together one of the most creative offenses in college football.

In 2022 Coach Bodine led Mercer to finish #7 in total offense in the FCS, with over 470 yards per game and nearly 7 yards per play!

That's why we're so fired up to bring you the entire 6 part series!

The Mercer Offense: The Complete Series

This video series is 6 videos that comes out to almost 8 HOURS of clinic talk from one of the most creative play callers in college football.

Here's what's included-

  1. Philosophy & Offensive Structure
  2. Play Action Pass Game 
  3. RPOs
  4. Run Game 
  5. Gadgets & Screens 
  6. The Mercer Way 

Grab your copy of this incredible series now, or keep scrolling to see free preview clips!

Part 5 - Gadgets & Screens

Almost an hour and a half of  every single trick play and screen in the Mercer Playbook, including double passes, unique formations, and more. 

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