The Big Book of Saban

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Go inside the head of one of the greatest college football coaches of all time with The Big Book of Saban!

Compiled from years of pubic interviews, this audiobook contains Nick Saban's own words on subjects like leadership, the recruiting process, and the most influential coaches he's worked with.

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184 Pages

FAQ: What is Nick Saban's Football Coaching Legacy?

A: The Big Book of Saban offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the iconic Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, and his extraordinary schemes with the Crimson Tide. This book goes deep into Saban's coaching philosophy, coaching/leadership style, and the strategies that have propelled Alabama football to unparalleled success. From the numerous national championships won under Saban's guidance to his transformative impact on the program, readers gain a deeper understanding of the legacy he has built. Saban also spent time at Lousiana State previously during his coaching career.