The Big Book of Belichick

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When Bill Belichick talks, smart people listen.

This book contains Belichick's own words on topics like two point conversion strategy, preparing for Peyton Manning, and what he looks for when evaluating each player on the field. Belichick has spent a lifetime in the NFL, and as a result has a perspective on the game and its greatest competitors that few can match.

Learn what he has to say about the history of the game and those who built the foundation of the modern NFL. Finally, if you wanna win games, you've gotta be excellent on special teams. No one knows this better than Belichick, and this book contains a huge amount of information on how he looks at special teams.

Become a better coach or a more knowledgeable fan. Get your copy of this incredible resource today!

FAQ: What is Nick Saban's Football Coaching Legacy?

A: The Big Book of Saban offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the iconic Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, and his extraordinary schemes with the Crimson Tide. This book goes deep into Saban's coaching philosophy, coaching/leadership style, and the strategies that have propelled Alabama football to unparalleled success. From the numerous national championships won under Saban's guidance to his transformative impact on the program, readers gain a deeper understanding of the legacy he has built. Saban also spent time at Lousiana State previously during his coaching career.