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Game Winning Gadget Plays

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You’ve been here before.

Walking off the field, feeling pissed off and deflated because you came up just short in a critical game.

You worked all week to prepare, the kids gave it everything they had, but it still wasn’t enough.

Here’s the truth:

Sometimes, it’s not just the fundamentals

Blocking and tackling are incredibly important, but if you’re playing a team who is better than you, even at just one spot, it may not be enough.

Which means that until you give the other team something they’re not ready for, you’ll always be at risk of losing to a team you could’ve beat.

That’s why we put this together:

Introducing Game Winning Gadget Plays

In this 5-Part video bundle, you’ll get dozens of explosive ideas that coaches have ALREADY used to score points and win games.

  • It includes fake punt ideas so you can always have a surprise in your back pocket for 4th down, which means that your special teams will be 10x more dangerous (Section 2 Videos 15-18)
  • Includes almost two dozen plays from the swinging gate formation so you can score more points, and you’lll never be afraid of not having a perfect play in a critical two point situation (Section 1 & 2)
  • A collection of plays you can install in just FIVE minutes, so you won’t have to take time away from so many other important things in practice (Section 5).
  • Comes with 80 clips of coaches film so you’ll be able to quickly skim through the plays in this presentation, which means you could start installing one of these plays on the practice field TODAY (Section 6).

The playoffs are getting close - Don’t go into the offseason asking yourself “what if”?

Start streaming your copy INSTANTLY!

Part 1 - Creative Two Point Plays from Swinging Gate Formations

Alex Kirby, Special Teams Coordinator at Ben Davis HS (IN) spends two hours talking about their swinging gate package, showing you every single clip and explains how they practice and install it.



Part 2 - Rockwall Swinging Gate and Fake Punt Plays

Coach Brent Young, Special Teams Coordinator at Rockwall HS (TX) spends over an hour explaining their swinging gate plays and fake punt package. 


Part 3 - No Huddle No Mercy: Gadget Plays

 Shawn Liotta explains the different kinds of gadget plays and how they use them in the No Huddle No Mercy Offense


Part 4 - Trick Plays Chalk Talk

Bruce Eien explains a long list of trick plays, including the one in this clip: The QB Throwback


Part 5 - Trick Plays and Weird Formations You Can Use

Coach Tom Yashinsky spends an hour using film and diagrams explaining his favorite trick plays that have worked for him.


BONUS - 100+ clips of Coaches Film