101 Plays from the UCF Offense

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Coach Gus Malzahn has continued the tradition of explosive offense at UCF, bringing his brand of up-tempo and multiple formations to Orlando and continuing to drive defenses crazy with all the unusual looks he gives them.

This offense averaged 33 points per game in 2022, and looks to have an even stronger season in 2023.

Explore the intricate world of the UCF Knights' offense with "101 Plays from the UCF Offense." This book provides an insider's perspective into Head Coach Gus Malzahn's innovative offensive scheme. Ideal for coaches, players, and football enthusiasts, this book dissects 101 plays that define the UCF spread offense football, offering insights into formations, terminology, and the playbook's overall philosophy.

This book includes full chapters on topics like:

  • Formations, Motions & Shifts - How Gus Malzahn uses his spread Wing-T roots to continue to confuse defenses
  • Gadget Plays - UCF ran more trick plays than almost anyone else in the country last season. We've put together their best and most explosive trick play designs in this book.
  • RPOs - Creating mismatches and putting run defenders in conflict is UCF's specialty. 
  • Sugar Huddle Plays - The special plays UCF saves for their sugar huddle, and how they use it
  • And more!


Q1: What sets Gus Malzahn's UCF offense apart from others?

A1: Gus Malzahn's UCF offense is known for its innovation, speed, and dynamic play calling. The playbook offers a comprehensive understanding of the UCF spread offense football, breaking down formations, terminologies, and strategies that make it stand out in the world of college football. Learn how players like Javon Baker, Johnny Richardson, Ryan O’Keefe and Kobe Hudson helped the UCF Knights offense on beating formidable opponents across the league. From Play Actions to plays like the Buck Sweep, 101 Plays from UCF Offense has Gus Malzahn Offense explained.

Q2: Does the book provide insights into the Gus Malzahn's offense?

A2: Absolutely! Gain exclusive insights into the terminology and philosophy of Gus Malzahn's offense. The book dissects the playbook, providing a deep understanding of how plays are designed, called, and executed on the field. “101 Plays from UCF Offense” brings within it the ideas behind the offense led by QB John Rhys Plumlee that helped the UCF Knights to beat Power 5 teams in back to back seasons.

Book Features:

  • In-depth analysis of 101 plays from Gus Malzahn's UCF offensive playbook.
  • Insights into the UCF spread offense football, formations, and offensive philosophy.
  • Exploration of the terminology and strategies within Gus Malzahn's offense scheme.
  • An insider's view into the UCF Knights' running plays, play action, and offensive dynamics.

Unveil the secrets of Gus Malzahn's UCF offense and elevate your understanding of football strategy. Order your copy of "101 Plays from the UCF Offense" now to dive into the heart of dynamic and innovative football play calling!

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