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The 3 Safety Defense: The Complete Series

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Coach Jacob Gill, defensive coordinator of the Shiloh Christian Saints in Springdale, Arkansas, walks you through the process of building a 3-safety package as part of your scheme.

Whether you're looking to add a 3-Safety look as a situational package, or completely change your base scheme, this clinic gives you EVERYTHING you need to get better.

This contains all six videos in the 3-Safety Series:

  1. Introduction to the 3-Safety Structure
  2. Coverage Options from the 3-Safety Defense
  3. Box Fits and Defending the RPO
  4. Building a Pressure Package out of the 3-Safety Structure
  5. Game Planning with the 3-Safety Defense
  6. Incorporating the 3-Safety Package into Your Scheme 

You’ve seen how Iowa State has disrupted the Big 12 and all of college football with their 3 high safety defensive structure, Now you can learn many of the same tricks and tips to give the offense a confusing pre snap look.

Whether your opponent has a high-powered run game, or prefers to move the ball using the air raid offense, whether you prefer to stay in an odd front or you’ve always lined up in a 4-down base defensive look, you’ll be able to take something from this clinic video.

Coach Gill explains how they start from a more traditional 4-2-5 structure, playing quarters coverage, and then use that same personnel and those same rules to create a 3 safety shell and give the offense a completely different look. Finally, if all you’re looking for is another look on 3rd down, Coach Gill gives you lots of ways you can create havoc by adding a middle safety to an existing two deep structure.

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Run Time: 6 Hours 24 Minutes

Here's what you'll get:

Part 1: Intro to the 3 High Safety Structure

Follow along as Coach Jacob Gill provides a comprehensive guide to the 3 safety defense, a popular football defensive scheme that can be added to any coach's playbook. It includes clear explanations of how the 3 safety defense works and how to implement it, along with diagrams and video of the scheme in action.

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Part 2: Coverage Options from the 3 Safety Defense

This video is a detailed guide on how to run all sorts of pass coverages from a 3 safety structure. It covers everything from the basic quarters coverage to more advanced concepts as well. In addition, it also discusses how you can use these coverages in combination with blitzes, man or zone defenses and many other variations.

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Part 3: Box Fits and Defending the RPO

Adding a third safety to your defense can give you an advantage on fitting the run and taking away the RPO from the offense. In this video, you'll learn how to add that safety and use him to your advantage WITHOUT creating a bunch of new rules your players have to learn.

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Part 4: Building a Pressure Package out of the 3 Safety Structure

The 3 safety structure is one of the most difficult defenses to prepare for in football. The quarterback has to make a decision on every pass play, and he can't get comfortable with any particular pre snap look. This package is designed for the defense that wants to give the offense something they're not ready for, while still playing sound football.

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Part 5: Game Planning with the 3 Safety Structure

Looking to take your defense to the next level? This guide will show you how to use the 3 safety defense to take away what your opponent does best. With clear instructions and helpful teaching film, this video will give you the extra edge on defense you've been looking for.

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Part 6: Incorporating the 3 Safety Defense into Your Scheme

This video is a great resource for coaches who want to learn how to use the 3 safety defense and add it in some way to what they're already doing, without teaching their players a bunch of new rules, steps and reads. This series covers everything from the basics of the 3 safety defense to advanced strategies and techniques.

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FAQ 1: How does the 3 Safety Defense Utilize the Boundary Safety 

A: The 3 Safety Defense: The Complete Serie" provides in-depth insights into the role and responsibilities of the boundary safety position within the defensive scheme. This video series explores the techniques, coverages, and strategies employed by the boundary safety to effectively contribute to the overall defensive unit. Coaches and players gain a deep understanding of how the boundary safety works in conjunction with the defensive line, linebackers, and other defensive backs to create a formidable defensive front. By analyzing play diagrams and expert insights, this series offers valuable knowledge for successfully implementing the 3 Safety Defense.

FAQ 2: How Does the 3 Safety Defense Communicate?

A: The 3 Safety Defense: The Complete Series addresses the crucial role played by coordination and communication between the defensive line and the safety positions. This video series delves into the strategies and techniques used to establish synergy and maximize the effectiveness of the defensive unit. Coaches and players gain insights into the responsibilities of the defensive line in creating pressure on the quarterback and disrupting offensive plays. Additionally, the series highlights how the boundary safety and other safety positions work in together with the defensive line to ensure optimal coverage and containment. By analyzing play diagrams and expert insights, this series provides valuable guidance for enhancing coordination and communication within the defense.