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3-Book Bundle: 101 Oklahoma Plays, 101 Two Point Plays, 101 Coastal Carolina Plays

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A collection featuring 3 of the most popular books from Throw Deep Publishing:

  • 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense
  • 101 Two Point Plays
  • 101 Plays from the Coastal Carolina Offense

101 Plays from the Coastal Carolina Offense

This book contains 101 carefully-selected Coastal Carolina plays from 2020 and examines the situation and the nuance behind each one of them.

Learn more about things like:

  • Coastal's favorite gadget plays - Get a collection of wrinkles you can throw at a defense to keep them off balance.
  • Unique formations Coastal lines up in to put stress on a defense - Get new formations to run your base plays out of.
  • The ingenious ways they move their players around - Coastal takes advantage of the versatility of their personnel, so you can't assume how they're gonna line up no matter who they have on the field.

101 Two Point Plays

It's late in the 4th quarter, and you HAVE to get two points to tie the game and force overtime.

What's your go-to call?

For the first time EVER- Get a comprehensive collection of 101 of the most creative two-point plays from the 2020 season.

Get plays from over 60 different teams, including:

  • Clemson
  • Florida
  • Coastal Carolina
  • PLUS - Kevin Kelley's Pulaski Academy (The Coach Who Never Punts)
  • And more!

This book covers topic like:

  • Trick Plays
  • Unusual Formations
  • Special Teams Wrinkles
  • RPOs and Option Plays 
  • And more!

PLUS - Get a link to a YouTube video clip of almost every single play mentioned in the book!

Don't wait, grab your copy now!

101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense

Take a deep dive into one of the most consistently successful offenses in the past decade of college football.

Learn how Lincoln Riley designed an offense that allowed a freshman QB to shine in the biggest moments in 2020, all the way to another Big 12 Championship.

Topics covered include:
  • The Sooners run game
  • The unique ways Lincoln Riley uses Formations, motions, and shifts
  • Pass concepts from all 12 games of the 2020 season
  • Oklahoma's RPO - AND the plays designed to look like RPO's (but aren't)
  • The many trick and gadget plays from Oklahoma in 2020

PLUS - Get a BONUS PDF with 25 EXTRA plays when you order a PDF OR Paperback - No extra charge!