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High-Performing Offensive Principles - The Complete Series

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Want to score more points?

Rich Hargitt is a coach with over two decades of experience at the high school level and has built high-scoring offenses at every stop around the country. In this video series, he explains the principles that have led to his success (while using everything from the Wing-T to the Air Raid to the RPO) – and shows how you can use them to create mismatches for your best players and dominate on game day.

You’ll learn how to maximize your quarterback's processing ability, identify defensive weaknesses, and exploit them for maximum gain. You’ll also discover winning principles for any offense – no matter what system you run. If you’re looking to take your offense to the next level, this is the video for you.

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Part 1 - The RADAR Method: Simplifying the RPO

Are you looking for a better way to help your quarterback?

Learn why Rich Hargitt's RADAR Method is the perfect solution. It simplifies the process and makes it easier for your QB to find the open space and exploit the defense, with both the run AND the pass.

With this simple teaching progression you’ll see an immediate improvement in your quarterback's ability to read defenses better and make decisions. Eliminate mistakes and maximize your big play potential with the RADAR Method.

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Part 2 - Fundamental Principles for Any Offense

Don't let your offense become predictable and easy to defend

Rich Hargitt shows you 6 fundamental principles that create success for ANY offense, no matter the style of play. You'll also learn how to cross-train versatile players who can do multiple things, making it harder for the defense to key in on any one thing.

Keeping your opponent up late at night trying to figure out how to get lined up properly is the goal of every offensive coach, and now Coach Hargitt gives you a simple framework to apply to your offensive scheme.

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Part 3 - Building Answers with the QB Run Game

Attention: Many offenses are at a huge disadvantage. They're outnumbered between the tackles, and they think that just because they don't have super-fast guy playing quarterback, they can't run him.


Rich Hargitt has coached traditional pocket passers, speedy mobile quarterbacks, and everything in between. Learn how to design your quarterback run game to take advantage of the quarterback's natural abilities, and create opportunities for big plays.

Every defensive coordinator knows that when he has to worry about a running quarterback, it changes the entire game plan. So why wait? Get started today and see how much easier your life can be with an improved quarterback run game.

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Part 4 - Creating Mismatches for your Best Players

As a coach, it's your job to put the ball in the hands of your best players.

If you're not doing that, you're not doing your job. It's as simple as that.

In this video, Rich Hargitt explains some of his favorite ways to create mismatches against the defense. Give yourself the tools you need to create big plays and make your offense so much tougher to stop.

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Part 5 - Coaching the QB with a Growth Mindset

Do you want to be a better coach? Having a great quarterback will do that in a hurry.

Coach Rich Hargitt has been training quarterbacks for over two decades, and he knows what it takes to make them successful. In this video, he shares his framework for coaching the quarterback position. You will learn how he develops the quarterback, teaches them the game, and what he expects from them each week.

Learn how Coach Hargitt's simple but effective approach has led them to back-to-back conference championships while playing against schools with much larger student numbers.

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