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101 Plays from the Texas Offense

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Steve Sarkisian is one of the most well-respected play callers in college football, and in this book you'll learn more about the inner workings of the Texas playbook.

Dive into the heart of Texas football with "101 Plays from the Texas Offense." This comprehensive playbook, designed by the strategies of Texas Longhorns Football Head Coach Steve Sarkisian, unveils the secrets behind the team's dynamic and successful offensive plays. Whether you're a coach, player, or football enthusiast, this book is your key to understanding and implementing the tactics that make Texas football a force to be reckoned with.

Topics covered include:

  • Boot Plays: The combination bootleg/RPO that's taking college football by storm.
  • Dropback Passes: See how many different ways Coach Sarkisian has to run the "Mesh" concept
  • Gadget Plays: Some of the most unique trick plays in the Texas playbook
  • RPOs: How they use formations and motions to put defenders in conflict post-snap, especially against a 3-safety defense
  • Screen Passes: Multiple types of screens to control the pass rush
  • And more!


Q1: What makes this book unique?

A1: The “101 Plays from the Texas Offense” is unique as it provides an in-depth analysis of 101 plays directly ran by the Texas Longhorns Football Offensive Playbook. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the intricacies of the Longhorns' offense, from Boot Plays, combining bootleg and RPO, to Dropback Passes, and more.

Q2: How does Texas Longhorns Offense Plays?

A2: This book delves into the offensive philosophy of Steve Sarkisian, offering readers a deep understanding of the tactics and strategies that make the Longhorns' offense so formidable. In “101 Plays from the Texas Offense” you will find in-depth information of how Texas managed to perform and put up impressive numbers against very good competition while also having a consistent execution throughout the season.  

Q3: Is this playbook suitable for coaches, players, and football enthusiasts alike?

A3: Absolutely! Whether you're a coach looking to enhance your playbook, a player aiming to understand offensive strategies, or a football enthusiast eager to delve into the tactics of a top-tier team, this book caters to all. The “101 Plays from the Texas Offense” provide detailed plays and analysis that highlights on the key players their contributions to the, now SEC member, Texas Longhorns performance.

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