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101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense - 2021 Edition

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In 2021 Oklahoma scored over 38 points per game and averaged almost 7 yards per play.

Wanna know how they did it?

Now you can with 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2021 Season.

These are the exact plays the Sooners used to put together one of the best offenses in college football.

Supercharge your offense with a detailed analysis of sections from the Lincoln Riley playbook like:

  • QB Run Game: Attach the threat of the QB draw to open up all kinds of opportunities for the pass game.
  • Attacking the Boundary: Create extra opportunities for explosive plays in the run and pass game with new ways to get the ball to your best players in space.
  • Dropback Pass Plays: NEW schemes to attack coverages that Oklahoma focused on in 2021
  • Screen Passes: Use motion, pump fakes, and creative formations to get the ball to your running back underneath and in space.
  • Up-Tempo Calls: Copy these creative formations that the defense HAS to figure out in just a few seconds - OR they'll get shredded
  • Play Action Pass: Sucker in the defense with confusing backfield action, and then throw it over the top of their heads.
  • Trick Plays: See more of Lincoln Riley's creative gadget plays that he can call at ANY TIME.

These plays helped Oklahoma pile up nearly 6,000 yards of offense in 2021.

And they're just a fraction of what's covered in 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2021 Season.

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