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101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2020 Edition

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Take a deep dive into one of the most consistently successful offenses in the past decade of college football, the Oklahoma offense.
Learn how Lincoln Riley designed an offense that allowed a freshman QB to shine in the biggest moments in 2020, all the way to another Big 12 Championship.
Topics covered include:
  • The Sooners run game
  • The unique ways Lincoln Riley uses Formations, motions, and shifts
  • Pass concepts from all 12 games of the 2020 season
  • Oklahoma's RPO - AND the plays designed to look like RPO's (but aren't)
  • The many trick and gadget plays from Oklahoma in 2020

PLUS - Get a BONUS PDF with 25 EXTRA plays when you order a PDF OR Paperback - No extra charge!

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Dub Maddox 101 Oklahoma Plays

Take a deep dive into the Oklahoma Offense!

The Oklahoma offense is one of the most feared and respected in all of college football. And with good reason - they boast a dangerous and explosive arsenal of weapons that can score from anywhere on the field.

Now, you can get an inside look at how they operate with 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense. This book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at some of their most famous plays, and shows you how to implement them in your own offense.

Featuring highlights from all of the team's key players in their trademark Big 12 Spread Offense, it's a fascinating glimpse into how one of the most explosive offenses in college football operates. Whether you're a football fan or just a casual observer, this unique collection offers an insightful and engaging look at how Oklahoma's Air Raid Offense came to dominate the season.

You'll learn about their unique approach to offensive line play, and how they use their versatility to create mismatches all over the field. This is a must-have for any coach or player looking to replicate Lincoln Riley's offensive creativity. This playbook includes all of the most effective and interesting plays from the 2020 season, giving you many of the same answers against similar defenses you may see.

"101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense during the 2020 season" is an essential guide for any football fan. This amazing book contains a wealth of information on Riley's passing game, including diagrams and explanations of all 101 plays. Whether you're a student of the game or just love to watch college football, this book is sure to teach you something new.

So don't miss out - order your copy today!

FAQ 1: Who Coached the 2020 Oklahoma Sooners?

A: 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2020 Edition provides a comprehensive view of the Oklahoma Sooners' offensive evolution under the guidance of Head Coach Lincoln Riley. This book features 101 play diagrams from the 2020 season, accompanied by detailed analysis of how each play is executed. From the reimagined 21st-century concepts in the air raid offense to the spread offense principles, coaches gain insights into the innovative offensive approach that has made Oklahoma a force in college football. With contributions from Offensive Coordinator Riley and the play-calling expertise that propelled the Sooners to success, this book showcases the strategic brilliance of the Oklahoma offense.

FAQ 2: What Kind of Offense Does Oklahoma Run?

A: The Oklahoma Sooners' offense is renowned for its balanced attack and effective use of play-action. 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2020 Edition details the strategies employed by Head Coach Lincoln Riley and his offensive coordinator to optimize their offensive output. By utilizing a versatile offensive line and a potent rushing attack, the Sooners force defensive coordinators to respect the ground game, creating opportunities for successful play-action passes. With insights into the play-calling prowess of Riley and the execution by players like Baker Mayfield, readers gain a deeper understanding of the Oklahoma offensive system and its impact on college football.

FAQ 3: How have the Oklahoma Sooners College Football Offenses? 

A: The offensive approach of the Oklahoma Sooners, led by Head Coach Lincoln Riley and Offensive Coordinator, has made a significant impact on college football, especially within the Big 12 conference. 101 Plays from the Oklahoma Offense: 2020 Edition explores the innovative strategies employed by the Sooners, drawing from the principles of the air raid offense and the spread offense. This book showcases the play-calling expertise that has been instrumental in the success of the Oklahoma offense. By examining the contributions of Riley and the offensive staff, along with the legacy left by former Head Coach Bob Stoops, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Sooners' offensive system has influenced and reimagined offensive strategies in the 21st century.