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101 Plays from the Kansas Offense

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Go deep into the unique spread option attack that led Kansas to their first bowl appearance in 14 YEARS!

Unlock the playbook secrets of one of college football's most dynamic offenses with "101 Plays from Kansas Offense." Delving into University of Wisconsin-Whitewater alum and Head Coach Lance Leipold’s mind, this book is a must-have for football enthusiasts, coaches, and players looking to gain insights into the strategies that have led to remarkable success on the field.

This book covers the creative schemes from this offense including:

  • How they put up points while using a backup QB
  • Option run blocking schemes that put defenders in conflict
  • Unusual formations and motions designed to expose the weaknesses in the opponent game plans
  • How they add simple RPOs to their run plays that stretch the field.
  • Gadget plays that are built to look like their base offense
  • And more!


Q1: What insights does the book offer into Kansas Offense's strategies?

A1: The book provides an in-depth analysis of 101 plays, offering a comprehensive look into the strategies employed by the Kansas Offense. It covers everything to help you optimizing total offense through learning play designs and coaching points.

Q2: How does the book help in improving offensive strategies for football enthusiasts and coaches?

A2: "101 Plays from Kansas Offense" offers valuable tips and insights from Kansas Offensive Coordinator Coach Andy Kotelnicki Offense on his coaching philosophy and offensive strategies. Understand how the Jayhawks managed to break school records and have notable performances in the Big 12 with those schemes. Whether you're a coach, player, or enthusiast, this book provides actionable insights to elevate your game.

Q3: What makes this book unique?

A3: By purchasing “101 Plays from Kansas Offense”, you’ll be getting a complete breakdown and in-depth analysis of 101 plays Offensive Coordinator Andy Kotelnicki’s playbook. Check out what Kansas Football and its coaching staff, led by Coach Lance Leipold, brought to their 2022 season from unusual formations and motions to smart RPO and simple Gadget Plays that helped their football program excell among Kansas Athletics.

Get your copy of "101 Plays from Kansas Offense" now and elevate your understanding of football strategy! Unleash the playbook secrets that have propelled the Jayhawks to success on the field.

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Nicely detailed written out diagrams