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  • How Bixby can call the NEXT play BEFORE the current play is over - Learn the unique design of their One Word Call package, and why they don't have to wait to see what hash or yardline the play will end up on before calling a play. 
  • Why Bixby's WRs and O-Line are almost running two different offenses (And how it works so well) - Coach Schneider explains how Bixby likes to "Segment Their Complexity" and why the two groups usually have no idea what the other is doing.
  • Why you should use one word calls (It's not what you think) - Bixby loves to run one-word calls, but it's NOT just for up-tempo reasons. Coach Schneider explains more in this video
  • (Game Film) Super Simple Ways to Install Unique Formations and Motions - Watch some of Bixby's unique shifts and motions, and how they build them without creating extremely long play calls.
  • (Game Film) Bixby's "Jumbo" and "Wildcat" Packages - And their favorite wrinkles in a short yardage/goal line.
  • And more!

Here's a Short Preview:

Coach Schneider explains one of the plays from their "Line Jumbo" shift package 

Coaches LOVE It!

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"Really great stuff here. Very detailed clinic video series and this explains the nuances of the Bixby Offense"

- Chad Fox

"I love the creativity of the motions, shifts and gadgets. Excited to install a couple of these things to gain leverage on opponents."

- Ryan Stieren

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