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Wing-T From the Gun: A Systematic Approach

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This is 3 of a 5-Series titled: "Advanced Play Calling Strategies"

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Rich Hargitt is the head coach at Emmett High School in Emmett, Idaho. The Huskies have won back-to-back conference championships, IN SPITE OF playing schools MUCH bigger than them almost every single week, 

In this video series, he shares the strategies that have almost DOUBLED their points per game the past three seasons. 

PLUS - Learn from Coach Josh Lucas and Derek Pennington, who have their own unique spin on spread and up-tempo offense in the final two videos in this series.  

Wing-T from the Gun: A Systematic Approach

In Part 3, Coach Hargitt explains 

  • The #1 rule for deciding what offense you should run (it's not just about your players)
  • The run game strategy that ANYONE can use (And defenses hate)
  • How to create a deceptive run game - WITHOUT keeping lots of players lined up in the backfield

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