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Adding Wing-T Concepts to an RPO Offense: Our Evolution (And What's Coming Next)

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This is Part 5 of a 5-Video Series titled: "Adding Wing-T Concepts to an RPO Offense"

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Coach Rich Hargitt of Emmett High School (ID), and creator of the Surface To Air System takes you through how he's created a diverse run game to go with the dangerous RPO attack they've built at Emmett.

Scroll down to watch over 25 minutes of clips from this presentation, taken from the National RPO Clinic.

Run time: 5 hours 

Here's what you'll get in each video:

Video 5 - Our evolution (And what's coming next)

  • Handling the Blitz
  • Playaction off of zone & gap schemes
  • New one-word play calls
  • And more!

Run time approximately 78 minutes

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