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The Tite 3-4 Chalk Talk: The Complete Series

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Coach Tyler Manes takes you through his entire Tite 3-4 system. Get everything you need to be able to install the scheme with your team this fall. 

Coach Manes goes in depth on how he has adapted college defensive schemes for the high school level, and talks about every area of the playbook.

This contains all six videos in the Tite 3-4 Series:

  1. The Base Plan
  2. Teaching and Installation Chalk Talk
  3. Run Fits Chalk Talk
  4. Coverages Chalk Talk
  5. Attacking Protections Chalk Talk
  6. Special Situations & Personnel Packages Chalk Talk

What if you want to keep your base defense the way it is, and just want to use the Tite front defense as a special package in certain situations. The great thing about the 3-4 Tite front is that it’s so adaptable, and you can even use what’s called the “Mint front” as a 3rd down change up. The Tite Mint is a form of the Tite front based out of nickel personnel, and Coach Manes goes into greater detail about this in the video.

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Run time: 5 hours 49 minutes

Here's what you'll get in each video:

Part 1 - The Base Plan

Coach Tyler Manes takes you through the background of how he sets up his defense with the 3-4, his overall philosophy, and WHY he chose the 3-4 defense.
This video covers topics like:
  • Why we run the 3-4
  • Run Defense Philosophy
  • Pass Defense Philosophy
  • Establishing a language system
  • Personnel ID
  • Advice for Young Coaches

Run time approximately 78 minutes

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Part 2 - Teaching and Installation Chalk Talk

Coach Tyler Manes walks you through every detail of his simplified approach to the Tite 3-4 scheme. 

Grab all the teaching points you need to get your players ready to play fast and aggressive from this alignment.

Topics covered include:

    • Teaching the Tite Front - DL/ILB/OLB positions
    • What is the Tite Front?
    • Why do we use the Tite Front?
    • How do teams attack the Tite Front?
    • Problem solving the Tite Front: Favorite calls and adjustments 

Run time approximately 52 minutes

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Part 3 - Run Fits Chalk Talk

Coach Tyler Manes goes over the fine points of how he teaches run fits for his defensive players and how he prepares them to defend the most popular one and two-back run schemes in the game today.

Topics covered include:

  • Run fits from Multiple Fronts and Spacing
  • Two Ways to Fit the Run
  • Coaching run fits against some of the most popular schemes in the game today.

Run time approximately 47 minutes

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Part 4 - Coverages Chalk Talk

Coach Tyler Manes takes you through all of his coverages, how he teaches them, and how he makes adjustments.


This video also goes into detail about situational coverages, including trips checks and the way he teaches double coverages without adding too many bells and whistles to the scheme.

Topics covered include:

  • Coverage philosophy
  • Rambo (2 Read)
  • Rambo adjustments
  • Ice (Quarters / Off Man)
  • White (2 Man)
  • Green & Hulk (Cover 1)
  • Black & Panther (Cover 3)
  • Scalp (Cover 0)
  • Trips Checks (Poach, Mash, Cover 1, & MLB)
  • Double Coverages (Bracket, 0 Double Number, 1 Double Number)

Run time approximately 57 minutes

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Part 5 - Attacking Protections Chalk Talk

One of the best "cheat codes" for shutting down an offense is to put the QB on his back.

Do you have a system to break down opponent pass protections and match up your best stunts and blitzes?

Coach Tyler Manes takes you through his in-depth approach for analyzing pass protection schemes and finding the best pressures for each of them.

Topics Covered:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the 3 most common pass protection schemes
  • 7 great pressure concepts for defeating pass protections
  • A comprehensive list for matching up pressures with specific pass protections
  • Stunts and pre-snap movements

Run time approximately 56 minutes

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Part 6 - Special Situations & Personnel Packages Chalk Talk

Coach Tyler Manes takes you through the Peso and Sumo packages used in Dave Aranda's defense, and simplified for the high school level.


Topics covered:

  • 2nd & 3rd Level Gap Inserts
  • Sumo Package (Tite, Over/Under, Heads fronts)
  • Peso Package - Nine best pressures & coverage combos
  • Special situations - vs Bunch and Tackle Over formations

Run time approximately 59 minutes

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What is the Tite Front?

This video helps football coaches control the line of scrimmage and shut down the kinds of plays you'll see in the run game from all the most popular versions of the spread offense, including the zone read. Not only that, but you'll have plenty of ways to combat the gap schemes that include the pulling guard and double teams that traditionally give tite front defenses so much trouble.

Essentially the Tite Front allows your defensive linemen to be more effective against the spread run game so many offenses are playing this week, by lining both ends up in a 4i technique. The nose tackle is head up on the center in the standard Tite front, and the gap defenders in the B-gap to either side are the two defensive linemen in a 4i technique. This makes it easier for the inside linebackers to run free and for the overhang defender to play more aggressively, knowing that the interior of the defense is taken care of.

This scheme is taking over football at every level, including college football. The Tite front was popularized by Baylor Head Coach Dave Aranda when he was the defensive coordinator at Wisconsin and LSU, and now everyone has some form of Tite front in their scheme, including Nick Saban and Kirby Smart, not to mention the incredible defense at Iowa State.