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The Modern Flexbone Offense: Other Core Runs

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This is Video 4 of a 10-Video Series titled: "The Modern Flexbone Offense"

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There's a reason why the flexbone offense refuses to die.

Defensive coordinators HATE it!

No matter what anyone says, defending the flexbone is difficult, time consuming, and is responsible for a lot of defensive coaches losing a lot of hair over the past few decades.

That's why we're so excited to bring you this series.

Level the Playing Field with the Flexbone Offense

Scott Dieterich has been a play caller for over 20 years, and in that time his teams have been to EIGHT State Championship Games, winning FIVE of them.

His secret?

Developing talented players, and an unwavering devotion to the Flexbone offense.

If you're struggling to compete with bigger or more talented programs than you, this is a way to make your opponent's life MISERABLE.

In this series, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to run this offense, with over TEN HOURS of clinic talk:

  1. The Foundation
  2. Core Run Game
  3. Option Mesh & Pitch
  4. Other Core Runs
  5. Core Pocket Passing Game
  6. Core Perimeter Passing Game & Complements
  7. Complementary Runs
  8. Connector Plays
  9. Creatives and Crossover Plays
  10. Game Planning & Preparation

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Video 4 - Other Core Runs

Topics covered include:

  • Midline double option
  • Rocket toss
  • Iso series
  • And more!

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