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Trick Plays to Give You an Edge

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This is Part 5 of a 5-Part Series titled: "Single Wing Formations and Concepts for any Offense"

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Coach Bruce Eien gives you a whole playbook full of unusual formations and plays to keep the defense on edge. Use a few plays, or steal the whole offense!

With decades of coaching experience creating havoc for defenses, Coach Eien walks you through everything you need to give opponent defensive coordinators looks they've never seen before.

This collection contains all five videos in this series:

  • The Stupid Series and Other Unique Formations
  • Merging the Spread and the Single Wing
  • Creative Pass Plays from Single Wing Sets
  • Marrying the Jet Sweep with the Fat Formation
  • Trick Plays to give you an Edge

Run time approximately 7 hours 7 minutes

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Part 5 - Trick Plays to Give You an Edge

Topics covered include:

  • A full list of trick play ideas you can add to your game plan at any time!
  • Video of trick plays Coach Eien has used in the past
  • Why he lets players come up with trick plays of their own
  • And more!

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