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Temple Kickoff Return Schemes and Wrinkles

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This is Part 1 of a 4-Part Series titled: "Temple Special Teams Schemes"

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Coach Dan Sabock, Associate Special Teams Coordinator at Temple University, opens the playbook and explains the schemes and game plans behind all four phases of their special teams schemes.

This is a REAL explanation of a college special teams scheme, and how you can add parts of it to your own playbook.

Give yourself an advantage in special teams this season with this incredible resource.

Grab all four parts in one bundle and SAVE:

  1. Part 1 - Temple Kickoff Return: Schemes & Wrinkles
  2. Part 2 - Temple Kickoff: Schemes & Wrinkles
  3. Part 3 - Temple Punt Block/Return: Schemes & Wrinkles
  4. Part 4 - Temple Punt: Schemes & Wrinkles

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Part 1 - Temple Kickoff Return: Schemes and Wrinkles

Set up your offense for success and generate TONS of yards with a consistent and simple zone return that Coach Sabock explains in this video.

Topics Covered Include:

  • In-Depth Explanation of Each Position on the Return Team and How They Teach It
  • The Zone Return Scheme that Generates Consistent Returns
  • Coaching Film
  • And More!

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