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Elite Special Teams Drills and Fundamentals - The Complete Series

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Longtime college special teams coach Dan Sabock uses 3 hours of drill footage and game cut ups to give you everything you need to teach the skills needed for success on special teams.

Coach Sabock uses practice film from his time at Temple, as well as FBS all-22 game film to illustrate what to do (and what NOT to do) when teaching special teams drills.

This bundle contains all 3 videos in the series:

  • Elite Kickoff Drills & Fundamentals
  • Elite Kickoff Return Drills & Fundamentals
  • Elite Punt/Punt Block Drills & Fundamentals

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Run time: 2 hours 55 minutes

Part 1 - Kickoff Drills & Fundamentals

Coach Dan Sabock walks you through drill footage and game clips designed to teach the skills needed to destroy opponent returns and pin teams back inside their own territory.

Topics covered include:

  • Selecting the right personnel for your kickoff team
  • Defeating blocks and avoiding contact
  • Teaching the fits on a kickoff
  • Game cut ups
  • And more!

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Part 2 - Kickoff Return Drills & Fundamentals

Coach Dan Sabock explains his favorite drills for creating great returns in the kickoff return game.

Topics covered include:

  • Teaching the footwork on the front wall
  • Coaching the back end/second wall
  • Teaching landmarks
  • Disguising your return
  • Game cut ups
  • And more!

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Part 3 - Punt/Punt Block Fundamentals

Coach Dan Sabock walks you through his entire teaching progression for teaching both sides of the punt game, both punt protection technique and punt blocks.

Topics covered include:

  • The 'scallop' technique that leads to more tackles in punt coverage
  • How to teach punt block technique
  • The "Formation" drill you MUST practice
  • Game cut ups
  • And more!

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FAQ 1: What are the best special teams drills?

A: The Elite Special Teams Drills & Fundamentals: The Complete Series is a valuable resource for coaches and players seeking to elevate their special teams performance. This video series covers essential drill work and fundamentals designed to improve all aspects of special teams play. From kickoffs to punt returns, coaches will gain insights into techniques that can enhance their performance on the field. Coaches will find valuable information on how to organize and execute drills effectively, while players will learn the fundamental skills required for success. Whether you're a head coach or a member of the return team, this series provides comprehensive guidance for achieving excellence in special teams play.

FAQ 2: How Import is Special Teams?

A: Special teams play a crucial role in determining field position, especially when starting from a specific yard line. The Elite Special Teams Drills & Fundamentals: The Complete Series emphasizes the importance of executing drills and mastering fundamentals to maximize field position. Coaches and players will gain insights into strategies that can help them excel in kickoffs, punt coverage, and punt returns. By utilizing these drills and fundamentals, teams can improve their ability to control field position and create advantageous situations for the return team.

FAQ 3: How Does Special Teams Contribute to Team Success?

A: Good football Head coaches understand the significance of special teams play and the impact it has on the overall success of a team. The Elite Special Teams Drills & Fundamentals Complete Series focuses on the drills and fundamentals that contribute to effective special teams performance. From head coaches to coordinators, this series provides essential information on how to develop and execute specialized drills that target specific areas of special teams play. By emphasizing the importance of mastering these fundamentals, coaches can ensure that their teams excel in crucial aspects like kickoff coverage and return teams. This series offers insights for head coaches and special teams coordinators seeking to elevate the overall performance and success of their team.