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Ferris State Offense - Video 1 - Inside Zone

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This is Part 1 of a 6-Part Series titled: "Speed In Space: The Ferris State Offense"

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Coach Sam Parker, Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator at Ferris State takes you through EVERY DETAIL of the offense that won them a National Championship this season.

  • Part 1 - The Ferris State Inside Zone
  • Part 2 - Inside Zone Complements
  • Part 3 - The Ferris State GT Counter Series
  • Part 4 - QB A/B Gap Run Game & RPOs
  • Part 5 - Play Action Shot Plays
  • Part 6 - Building a Championship Culture
  • BONUS - Over an HOUR of All-22 Clips

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Part 1 - The Ferris State Inside Zone

Topics Covered Include:

  • Ferris State's O-Line Checklist
  • Zone Blocking Rules
  • How they structure practice
  • Inside Zone Cut Ups
  • And more!

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