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UIndy RPOs and Pass Protection Schemes

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 **This video is Part 2 of a 2-part video series "UIndy Run Game, RPO, and Pass Protection Scheme Bundle"**  

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Coach Wilson explains how they add the threat of the passing game to their run schemes using RPO reads and tags.

In addition, he takes you through the specific pass protection schemes used in all area of the playbook, including the dropback, sprint out, boot, and power-pass game.

This clinic includes not only the most common RPOs they've used, but also answers to specific defenses that the Greyhound offense has used against the opponents on their schedule.

Topics covered include:

  • How they teach the RPO
  • Their favorite RPO tags
  • Game-specific RPO tags they liked against very specific opponent defenses
  • Their top pass protection schemes
  • And more!

Check out this FREE clip from the clinic below:

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