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Tony DeMeo's Triple Gun Offense: An Evolution of Option Football (400+ Pages with Video)

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Tony DeMeo has 40 years experience coaching option football at the college level, and he's he's had a front row seat to all the ways this offense-and the game of football has changed- over all these years.

Now Coach DeMeo has organized all of his most crucial lessons and findings into one interactive playbook! 
That's why we're so excited about this release:

Tony DeMeo's Triple Gun Offense: An Evolution of Option Football (400+ Pages)

What's Included:
  • Under-Center Option Football Concepts so you understand the foundation of this offense and where the intent of each play comes from
  • The Evolution to Triple Gun so you can master how coach DeMeo uses strategic flexibility to get the most out of this scheme!
  • Play Diagrams so you have visuals of how to install each of these concepts into your offense.
  • Detailed Concept Explanations so that you understand the "why" behind every concept and how it's benefitting your offense.
  • Interactive Video Examples so that you can see each play in action immediately after reading about it!
  • And So Much More!
Get over 400 pages of insight into one of football's most transformative offenses that's jam-packed with four decades of expertise in this Triple Gun Playbook!
PLUS - Get dozens of clips to go along with the concepts you see in the book (at NO extra charge!)
Don't wait, grab your copy of this incredible resource today!

Customer Reviews

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Steve Weber
Great Read!

I have been running Coach DeMeo's triple gun offense for several years now, and absolutely love it. This is a very good book, with the history behind the option and with the insight of how and why Coach DeMeo created his triple gun offense. I very much enjoyed seeing the why behind the concepts and how it all fits together. Then you throw in the videos that go along with the book so you can visualize the concepts and this book is a no brainer!

Ronald Shewman
Excellent football publication.

Ran a version of his offense with good results.