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The Surface to Air System Playbook

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The playbook that took a team from a 1-8 doormat to a consistent Top Ten ranked team is here!

The Official Surface To Air System Playbook features the same coaching points, schemes, and answers that Coach Rich Hargitt has been using at Emmett High School in Emmett Idaho for years now.

Emmett is the smallest team in their classification and conference, but somehow they've managed to beat teams MUCH bigger than them each year. 

This offense is a BIG reason why.

A Complete Spread Offense Playbook:

This playbook includes more than just diagrams and assignments - It's full of solutions to problems coaches face every Friday night.

  • Pass concepts to quickly identify what coverage the defense is playing - Gives you post-snap keys so it's impossible for the defense to disguise their game plan.
  • RPOs to attack man-match coverage - Get receivers wide open against complex match coverages that more and more defenses are using.
  • Time-tested run plays for EVERY defensive front you'll see - Move the ball and win the line of scrimmage consistently by having the right play calls in your game plan.
  • Blocking scheme change ups to deal with heavy stunting & slanting teams - Use the defense's movement against them.
  • Unique formations and motions that cause headaches for opponents - Power run game and spread sets (we call them our "Northwest Sets") 

PLUS - Get film of each concept used in the book!

See each of these concepts in action and see how effective they can be against great defenses.

Spread Offense Playbook Clip

Don't wait! Grab your copy of this incredible resource today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this Coach Hargitt's actual playbook? - Yes! This are the exact same plays, play names, and coaching points Coach Hargitt has used to take Emmett to the playoffs for the past 3 years in a row!
  • Will this fit with my offensive style/personnel? - Yes! This playbook can be used as a resource for ideas for specific problems, or it can be used to overhaul your offense completely.
  • Can I download the video clips? - Yes! You'll get a link in your inbox immediately after purchase where you can download any clips you want instantly!
  • Can I use this playbook for Youth Football? - Yes! While this playbook is not specifically designed for the youth level, an experience coach can take bits and pieces from this playbook, especially the run game, and apply it to the youth level.
  • Is this a spread option playbook? - This playbook includes elements of the spread option, the RPO, and the power spread. Coach Hargitt believes in building an offense around what your players do best, and that doesn’t always fit into a single category.
  • Is this an RPO Playbook? - Yes! This playbook includes the exact RPOs that Coach Hargitt uses in his offense, including all the coaching points for the offensive line to cut down on penalties for illegal downfield on RPOs.
  • Is this a PDF Playbook? - Yes! This playbook is instantly downloadable in PDF format and viewable and printable from your device.

About Rich Hargitt

Rich Hargitt has been a coach and offensive coordinator for successful football offenses at the high school level all across the country, including Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Idaho, and has spoken at events include Nike Coach of the Year and the annual American Football Coaches Association Convention.

He has called plays in multiple offenses including the Wing-T, air raid, and spread option, along with using elements of the gun double wing mixed with spread formations.

Customer Reviews

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Run for First Downs, Throw for Touchdowns
Even more informative than I thought it would be.

Been a multi-set pro style OC for most of my coaching years and have never been a huge fan of Air Raid but this provided some nice examples and scenarios where I not only could use it but build our sets off of it.


Good material and organized well