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The Complete Screen Pass Playbook

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Screens are a low-risk, high-reward play that can be added to ANY offense no matter what your base playbook looks like. When the screen is executed properly, it can turn a short pass near the line of scrimmage into an 80 yard explosive play.

The tough part is the timing and the assignments. How do you make sure the blockers get out on time, and how do you make sure they know how to block during the chaos of a play when everyone is running around in space?

What about if your opponent is expecting the screen pass? How can you give them a different look to take advantage of their aggression?

This is all covered in our next release: "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook"

With over 100 unique concepts, this is the most in-depth analysis and teaching tool you'll find on this topic anywhere.

This book includes in-depth coaching points on topics like:

  • Wide Receiver Screens: Multiple ways to get the ball to your playmakers in space with a wall of blockers in front of them.
  • Running Back Screens: Beat the blitz and keep the drive alive on 3rd down when those pass rushers start coming after the quarterback with reckless abandon.
  • Pass-Screen Options: The new trend in football that drives defensive coordinators crazy and gives you options if the defense takes away the first screen threat.
  • Screen Look-a-likes: Plays designed to look like screens and get the defense to bite and allow you to attack downfield!
  • Screen Drills: A big collection of drills to teach and practice the skills necessary for the play to work in a game against anything the defense can throw at you!

PLUS - Unique screen designs from some of the most creative coaches in professional and college football!

Whether you're looking to completely overhaul your offense, or you just need a couple of new wrinkles, this is what you've been waiting for!

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Q1: Why are screens considered a valuable addition to any offensive playbook, and how can they turn short passes into explosive plays?

A1: Screens play a crucial role in any offensive playbook, especially for optimizing the offensive line's performance. "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook" underscores that when executed effectively, screens can dynamically transform a short pass near the line of scrimmage into an explosive 80-yard play. This release provides in-depth coaching insights on wide receiver screens, offering various ways to get the ball to playmakers with the offensive line moving downfield to block. The book explores running back screens, strategically designed to counter pass rushes on critical 3rd downs, offering coaches a comprehensive guide to elevate their offensive strategies and unleash the full potential of screens.

Q2: How does "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook" address the challenges of timing, assignments, and countering opponent expectations in screen plays?

A2: "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook" adeptly addresses the nuances of screen plays, focusing on challenges such as timing, assignments, and countering opponent expectations in the pass game. Coaches gain valuable insights into ensuring offensive linemen execute their roles effectively and adapt to the chaos of plays where everyone is navigating open space downfield. The playbook provides strategic approaches to giving opponents a different look when anticipating a screen pass, capitalizing on their pass rush aggression. With over 100 unique concepts, including tunnel screens and slip screens, this resource serves as an in-depth analysis and teaching tool, empowering coaches to navigate the complexities of screens and enhance offensive efficiency.

Q3: What coaching resources are included in "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook," and how can it benefit coaches looking to innovate their offensive strategies?

A3: "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook" is a comprehensive resource featuring over 100 unique concepts, making it the most in-depth analysis and teaching tool on screen plays, especially designed to optimize the performance of offensive linemen. Coaches gain access to detailed coaching points on wide receiver screens, running back screens tailored to counter pass rushes, and strategies for quick screens to exploit defensive vulnerabilities. The playbook also includes a collection of screen drills to teach and practice essential skills for offensive linemen and wide receivers. With unique screen designs from creative minds in professional and college football, this release is ideal for coaches seeking to overhaul or enhance their offensive strategies, providing a valuable playbook for both comprehensive overhauls and strategic tweaks.

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Gerry Yonchiuk
This is a must purchase if you throw the football!

I have been running the Air Raid Offense for 18 years. This is the best publication on the screen game that I have ever seen. I highly recommend "The Complete Screen Pass Playbook" It has tremendous content!