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The Complete 3-4 Defense Playbook

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If you're looking for a defense that works, even if you don't have all-star athletes, keep reading...

The Official 3-4 Defense Playbook from the Surface to Air System features the same coaching points, schemes, and answers that Coach Rich Hargitt and Defensive Coordinator Zane Hines have been using at Emmett High School (ID) for years now.

Emmett is the smallest team in their classification and conference, but somehow they've managed to beat teams MUCH bigger than them each year. 

This defense is a BIG reason why.

BEFORE installing this defense:

Emmett was 1-8 and giving up FIFTY points per game

AFTER installing this defense:

  • 21 points allowed per game the past three seasons
  • Made the playoffs the past three seasons, including two conference championships
  • Top ranked defense in their district in 2020 and 2021, and #2 ranked in 2022 in points per game allowed

Inside The Playbook:

This playbook includes more than just diagrams and assignments - It's full of solutions to problems coaches face every Friday night.

  • How to get more defenders vs the run and stay sound vs the pass - A plan for match coverages that clog up the run and pass lanes for offenses.
  • How we game plan - Follow along a sample game plan we used against a real live opponent
  • Creating Answers with the Odd Front - How they built their defense to account for the different types of threats they face during the season.
  • Teaching and Installing One-High and Two-High Coverages - How and why they major in both, and how they keep it simple for the players

PLUS - Get film cut ups from the book!

See these concepts in action and see how effective they can be against great offenses.

Don't wait! Grab your copy of this incredible resource today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this your actual playbook? - Yes! This are the exact same terms, coaching points, and assignments Coach Hargitt and Coach Hines have used to drastically improve the defense at Emmett and guide them to the playoffs for the past 3 years in a row!
  • Will this fit with my defensive style/personnel? - Yes! This playbook can be used as a resource for ideas for specific problems, or it can be used to overhaul your defense completely.
  • Can I download the video clips? - Yes! You'll get a link in your inbox immediately after purchase where you can download any clips you want instantly!
  • Is this a one-gap or two-gap defensive playbook? - This is a one gap 3 4 defense playbook. Teach the responsibilities for your defensive line, including your nose tackle, that allows them to easily key the offensive linemen across the line of scrimmage, and strengthen the run defense from your defensive front. Your defensive linemen will be able to get a read on the offensive tackle across from them, get set correctly, and make the right decision. Coach Hargitt and Coach Hines teach a single gap 3-4 defense, designed to shut down the opponent run game, and get numbers to the strong side and weak side.
  • Is this the same scheme used by Nick Saban and Kirby Smart?While there is some similarity between these coverages and fronts, this is not a playbook copied and pasted from college football. These are concepts that have been taught and ran on Friday nights for many years, with a lot of success.

  • What kind of coverage philosophy is in the playbook? - The pass coverages feature a good mix of man to man and match zone coverage, allowing the defensive backs to lock down opponent wide receivers and control the middle of the field.

  • Can I download this playbook? Yes! This is a 3-4 defense playbook pdf that is instantly downloadable!

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Schwab
3-4 Defense

I have enjoyed the playbook. I think it is very detailed and descriptive. I paid extra for the videos that come with the 3-4 defensive playbook. I was really disappointed in the videos. They are just cutups with out any descriptions and or labels. Describing or labeling the videos would have been helpful. I wish I would not have wasted my money on paying for the videos.

Troy White
Early results

I’m still going through it but very good so far


Great bargain! Nice concepts. A good read