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The Slot-T Offense: The Complete Series

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The Slot-T offense has been a tightly guarded secret, but now Shawn Liotta, head coach at Burrell High School (PA) is telling you everything you want to know!

Follow along as he explains how they built a winning season without a quarterback who could run a normal spread no-huddle offense.

NOTHING is off-limits in this 6-Part Series!

Topics covered include:

  • The Secret of why this Offense is so tough to stop - What Slot-T Coaches are looking for on every play that's so different from most offenses - and why it makes it so tough on the defense
  • How to use "Attack Zones" to call plays in the Slot-T and find holes in the defense - Which means there's always room to run the football even when the defense loads the box
  • The BEST plays to use as a short yardage package - So you don't need to chance your entire offense to take advantage of what the Slot-T can do.
  • The REAL Slot-T Terminology - So you can learn how this offense is set up and install it with your team.
  • Slot-T Game Film and Cut Ups - Over an hour of Game Film with no commentary so you can watch it and rewind at your own pace

Here's the full lineup

  1. The Slot-T Foundations & Philosophy
  2. The Slot-T Power Series
  3. The Slot-T Sweep Series
  4. The Slot-T Counter Series
  5. The Slot-T Pass Game
  6. How We Practice the Slot-T
  7. BONUS: Slot-T Game Film Cut Ups

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Part 1 - Slot-T Foundations & Philosophy

Topics covered include:

  • The "Attack Zones" 
  • Formations & Motions Names
  • How we name our Positions
  • Teaching the Huddle and Cadence
  • And more!

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Part 2 - The Slot-T Power Series

Topics covered include:

  • The Lead Play
  • The Wedge Play
  • The Blast Play
  • The Pitch Play
  • And more!

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Part 3 - The Slot-T Sweep Series

Topics covered include:

  • The Trap Play
  • The Sweep Play
  • The QB Sweep Play
  • The Jet Sweep Play
  • And more!

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Part 4 - The Slot-T Counter Series

Topics covered include:

  • The Counter Play
  • The Reverse Play
  • The most common defensive issues you'll encounter
  • And more!

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Part 5 - The Slot-T Pass Game

Topics covered include:

  • The Boot Play
  • The Boot Screen Play
  • The G Pass
  • The Throwback Play
  • Adding your Favorite Pass Plays to the Slot-T
  • And more!

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Part 6 - How We Practice the Slot-T

Topics covered include:

  • Pre-Practice Routine
  • Individual Periods
  • How we organize our small staff for best results

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this as a short yardage package without changing my whole offense?

Yes! In fact Coach Liotta spends a lot of time in this clinic talk explaining exactly which plays would work best as a standalone short yardage and goal line package for your offense.

Q: Can I watch the game film without commentary?

All game film used in the presentation is available in separate cut ups when you purchase the entire series.

Q: Is this the same as the Texas Slot T Offense?

A: The two offenses are similar but not the same. They come from the same origins, but it’s not exactly the same as what you’ll see from teams who have won state championships like the Liberty Hill offense and the rest of the “Slot T Mafia”. Just like every team’s version of the spread offense is different, every team’s version of the Slot T is a little bit different.

Q: Slot T vs Wing T: What’s the Difference?

A: There are some similarities between the Slot T and a lot of Wing T Offenses you’ll see at the high school level. Both of these offenses are known for accumulating huge numbers of yards rushing each season, but they do it a little differently.

The Wing-T relies on deception, presenting all kinds of potential threats from one particular backfield look. The Wing-T relies on making all different plays, like the Buck Sweep and the Waggle off of the Buck Sweep, look exactly the same.

Meanwhile, the Slot-T is much more of a downhill attack, where the offensive line gets set immediately after breaking the huddle and snaps the ball, which forces the defense to be ready at all times, and gives them almost no time to react.

Q: What are some of the most important plays in the Slot-T Playbook?

Coach Liotta will tell you that what you decide to run as a Slot T team is dependent on the talent you have on your team and what your players can do.

Some important plays in this offense are:

  • The Lead Play - Designed to get the ball to the fullback who follows his lead block either through the B-gap or off tackle to the strong side.
  • The Sweep Play - The offense will pull either one or both guards and the halfback will follow their path looking for daylight
  • The Trap play - This offense loves to pull guards quickly, and the trap play is extremely dangerous for slow-reacting defenses.

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