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Every Play Revealed Bundle - Save $25

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How would you like to sit down and have a detailed film session with Wade Phillips, Bill Belichick, Kyle Shanahan, or Urban Meyer?

Well here's the next best thing.

I love digging into the details when I'm watching film, so I decided to put together some books on the biggest games, breaking down every single play.

Now you can get all of them in a single bundle!

Here are just a few questions I've found the answers to putting these books together:

  • Defending multiple shifts and motions - Wade Phillips' simple answer to Cam Newton and Carolina's creative pre-snap movements.
  • Finding the best matchups - How did New England's personnel groupings affect Atlanta's defensive strategy in Super Bowl 51?
  • Containing a mobile QB - The unique front Bill Belichick used to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket and take away the easy completions in the flat.
  • Keeping it simple for your QB - The game plan Urban Meyer used to win a National Championship with his 3rd string quarterback.

These books have over 600 combined detailed diagrams of some of the NFL and college football's biggest games!

Here's what the experts have said about the "Every Play Revealed" series:

"Can't recommend it enough. Definitely learned a lot."
- Matt Miller
NFL Analyst
Bleacher Report

"If anything related to the Patriots Super Bowl victory catches your eye, this film breakdown will leave you smiling."
- Rich Hill
SB Nation

"Incredibly impressive."
- Ian Wharton
Sportsbook Review

Here's what each book would cost you individually:

  • Oregon vs Ohio State in the National Championship Game - $19.99
  • New England vs Atlanta in Super Bowl 51 - $19.99
  • New England vs Seattle in Super Bowl 49 - $19.99
  • Carolina Offense vs Denver Defense in Super Bowl 50 - $9.99

That's almost $70 combined!

Save $20 when you purchase all four books together!