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The Tite 3-4: Part 4 - Coverages Chalk Talk

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**This video is Part 4 of a 6 part video series on the Tite 3-4.** 

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Coach Tyler Manes takes you through all of his coverages, how he teaches them, and how he makes adjustments.

This video also goes into detail about situational coverages, including trips checks and the way he teaches double coverages without adding too many bells and whistles to the scheme.

Topics covered include:

  • Coverage philosophy
  • Rambo (2 Read)
  • Rambo adjustments
  • Ice (Quarters / Off Man)
  • White (2 Man)
  • Green & Hulk (Cover 1)
  • Black & Panther (Cover 3)
  • Scalp (Cover 0)
  • Trips Checks (Poach, Mash, Cover 1, & MLB)
  • Double Coverages (Bracket, 0 Double Number, 1 Double Number)

Run time approximately 57 minutes

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