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2020 Coastal Carolina Offense Scouting Report

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Everything you've been dying to know about the Coastal Carolina offense is in this analysis.

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101 Plays from the Coastal Carolina Offense

This book contains 101 carefully-selected Coastal Carolina plays from 2020 and examines the situation and the nuance behind each one of them.

Learn more about things like:

  • Coastal's favorite gadget plays - Get a collection of wrinkles you can throw at a defense to keep them off balance.
  • Unique formations Coastal lines up in to put stress on a defense - Get new formations to run your base plays out of.
  • The ingenious ways they move their players around - Coastal takes advantage of the versatility of their personnel, so you can't assume how they're gonna line up no matter who they have on the field.

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Coastal Carolina Advanced Scouting Report

This is the REAL DEAL, full of information you won't find anywhere else.

I set out to analyze this offense EXACTLY as if I was preparing to defend them, and here's what you'll get:

  • Overview of the offense including:
    • Top Tendencies based on personnel, alignment, motion: Get the REAL information on this offense, just like an opponent scouting report would provide. (You won't find this kind of stuff anywhere else)
    • Situational plays: What do they like to run in short yardage, goal line, 3rd and long, and what you can learn from it.
  • Pass Game Hit Chart - Find out EXACTLY where they throw the ball. Left or right? Field or boundary?
  • HUDL Data from all 12 games (Spreadsheets) - Run your own reports with the data I've collected.
  • Top Formations Hit Chart - How would an opponent game plan against this offense? They'd start right here, analyzing what plays Coastal likes to run out of what formations and personnel groups. You'll get all that information.
  • Personnel / Down & Distance Numbers - 
  • Top Schemes & Variations Drawn Up and analyzed w/ success rate stats
    • Pass Concepts - Get all the pass concepts that have allowed redshirt freshman QB Grayson McCall to be tied for 4th-best grade in the country, just behind Justin Fields at Ohio State!
    • Run Concepts - Get a nuts and bolts view of this run game against the most common fronts and how Coastal's coaching staff adjusts.
    • RPO Concepts - A thorough examination of Coastal's favorite run-pass option tags attached to their top run plays.
    • Option & RPO organized by defender reads - Get a menu of what plays Coastal uses to attack each defender on the field. Find your favorites and attack the weak spots in your rival's defense!

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