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The 3-Safety Defense - Video 6: Incorporating the 3-Safety Package into your Scheme

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 **This video is Part 6 of a 6-part video series on the 3-Safety Defense**

Coach Jacob Gill, defensive coordinator of the Shiloh Christian Saints in Springdale, Arkansas, walks you through the process of building a 3-safety package as part of your scheme.

Whether you're looking to add a 3-Safety look as a situational package, or completely change your base scheme, this clinic gives you EVERYTHING you need to get better.

Part 6: Incorporating the 3 Safety Defense into Your Scheme

This video is a great resource for coaches who want to learn how to use the 3 safety defense and add it in some way to what they're already doing, without teaching their players a bunch of new rules, steps and reads. This series covers everything from the basics of the 3 safety defense to advanced strategies and techniques.

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