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101 Plays - Pac-12 Offense Bundle

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A 4-Part Bundle from the Pac-12 - Including 3 of the Top 4 offenses in College Football!

This bundle is made up of four books:

  • 101 Plays from the Washington Offense - #2 in FBS Total Offense - 39.7 Points Per Game
  • 101 Plays from the USC Offense - #3 in FBS Total Offense - 41.4 Points Per Game
  • 101 Plays from the UCLA Offense - #4 in FBS Total Offense - 39.2 Points Per Game
  • 101 Plays from the Utah Offense - Pac-12 Champions - 38.6 Points Per Game

Get a breakdown of plays like:

  • USC's Multiple Screen and Delay Package - Learn how Lincoln Riley has at least 3 possible wrinkles for every pre-snap motion and backfield action, so the defense can never play too aggressively.
  • Washington's Multiple Motion and Shift Offense - How the Huskies use all kinds of pre-snap movement to disguise what they do best, and create numbers in the run game.
  • UCLA's Complex Run Game - How Chip Kelly adds old-school flavor to their spread run game, and why it causes so much confusion on defense.
  • Utah's Versatile Play Action & Boot Package - How the Utes can create misdirection and freeze the defense using an almost endless amount of play fakes and run threats. 

You won't find this ANYWHERE else!

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