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101 Plays from the Tennessee Offense

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Tennessee put together the #1 ranked offense in 2022, and in this book we will examine how and why they did it.

This book covers:

  • How to Start Each Drive the Right Way - Learn more about the special plays that Head Coach Josh Heupel loves to call to begin each drive, and why they are perfect for putting the defense on its heels.
  • How Tennessee gets receivers so wide open - Josh Heupel's Option Routes and Choice Concepts that create space in the coverage no matter what the defense is playing.
  • Creative Receiver Alignments - The Stacked Receiver Alignments that cause defenses so many headaches
  • Run Concepts to Set Up The Pass - Tennessee's diverse run game that forces defenses to play so much single coverage on the outside.
  • Formation Into Boundary (FIB) Plays - The creative way the Volunteer Offenses uses the hashes to attack the boundary and the wide side of the field.
  • RPOS and Screens - More ways to get your best players the ball in space
  • And more!

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