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101 Plays from the Ole Miss Offense - 2021 Edition

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Last year Ole Miss broke the school record for wins in a season.

Want to learn how they did it? 

Now you can with 101 Plays from the Ole Miss Offense 2021 Season. 

These are the exact plays Jeff Lebby and the Rebels ran to capture the team’s first 10-win regular season…in 120 years! 

Your team can crush the competition and score more W’s next season with detailed breakdowns of everything from: 

- Run Game Concepts: Learn how Ole Miss ran the Power Read to convert in the Red Zone and help QB Matt Corral rush for 600 yards 

- Dropback Pass Plays: Simplify the choices for your QB with full field progressions that convert on 3rd down, no matter what the defense is showing 

- Play Action: Create big downfield plays with Jeff Lebby’s Dig-Go-Dig play action design 

- RPO’s: Misalign defenses using backfield motion and produce explosive plays in the run game 

- Screens: Use the Empty Double Stack Formation to confuse defenses and give your QB his choice of screens 

- PSO’s: Stop hits on your QB in the run game with pass-screen options 

- Gadget Plays: Increase the success of your trick plays using designs that fit into your base offensive scheme 

These plays helped Ole Miss average 492.5 yards per game, go 10-3 for the season and WIN the Egg Bowl. 

And they’re just a fraction of what’s covered in 101 Plays from the Ole Miss Offense 2021 Season.

Thanks to Head Coach Lane Kiffin and Offensive Coordinator Jeff Lebby, the Ole Miss Football offense in 2021 was unbelievably dangerous and efficient. With 555.5 yards per game, the Ole Miss Offensive Scheme ranked third nationally and was a huge part of why the Rebels won 10 games for the first time ever.

Along with elite passing efficiency, Jeff Lebby and Lane Kiffin put together an offense that racked up over 6,400 yards of Total Offense, a scoring offense of 33.7 points per game, and over 3,500 passing yards for the season.

Kiffin’s offense is one he brought to Alabama during his time as the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban, and then left for Florida Atlantic. During that time he merged his scheme with principles from the Art Briles offense, building one of the best spread offenses in the country, and helping him to land the job at Ole Miss.

Jeff Lebby has been the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach under Lane Kiffin the past two seasons, and in the 2022 season he’ll be reuniting with quarterback Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma. Gabriel was a player who Lebby helped recruit at UCF in 2019 when he was the offensive coordinator under Josh Heupel, and this fall the two will be leading the Sooners offense with a lot of the same principles from the Ole Miss Offense Playbook.

Thanks to electric players like Jerrion Ealy and Dontario Drummond (who was just signed to the Dallas Cowboys following the 2022 draft), the Ole Miss Football Offensive Scheme was nearly impossible to stop in 2021.

Grab your copy of the book and find out why!

FAQ 1: What Kind of Offense Does Ole Miss Run?

A: 101 Plays from the Ole Miss Offense offers valuable insights into the unique offensive strategies and scheme employed by Ole Miss. Known for their offensive creativity in college football, this book provides a collection of 101 play diagrams accompanied by analysis, showcasing the offensive success and effectiveness of the Ole Miss offense. From innovative play designs to a dynamic passing game, coaches gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies that have made Ole Miss successful. Whether it's the influence of the offensive-minded coaching staff or the contributions of talented players, this book provides a deep dive into the offensive strategies utilized by the Rebels.