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The Bay and the Bayou: The Justin Wilcox and Dave Aranda Defense

Posted by Cameron Soran on

Both Dave Aranda and Justin Wilcox run a lot of the same plays.  This should come as no great surprise to anyone who viewed the transition from Aranda to Wilcox at Wisconsin in 2016.  But are these common elements really all that effective? I will let the advanced stats speak for themselves.   LSU – Before Aranda   2015 – LSU Defense – 34th in Defensive S&P+, 48th in Defensive Rushing S&P+, 11th in Defensive Passing S&P+, and 31st in Defensive FEI   LSU – Aranda’s tenure as Defensive Coordinator   2016 – LSU Defense – 2nd in Defensive S&P+,...

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