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Advantages of the 3 Safety Defense: Why We Converted

Posted by John Grayson on

Coach Gill and Shiloh Christian had an issue. The Saints had suffered a loss, a state championship loss. “We ran out of bullets,” he commented, “We were a 4 down, 2 high, middle of the field open, even spacing type of team.” Shiloh Christian, even with the loss, has won 8 football state titles. Their most recent title coming in 2020, so if they felt the need to adapt and look inward, I’m here to listen. This is just a small segment from a great video series Coach Gill put together on this whole process. See more video clips from...

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Coaching Tite Front Run Fits

Posted by Alex Kirby on

Tyler Manes is the defensive coordinator at Southwest Florida Christian Academy in Fort Myers, Florida. He and I spent almost SIX HOURS going through everything you need to know about installing one of the most popular defensive schemes in the game today.Coach Manes has learned (and borrowed) from a lot of smart coaches and has adapted and simplified the Dave Aranda scheme for the high school level.I learned a TON going through this process, and I know you will too, so I wanted to share a few things I took from the clinic he put together.Before we get started, you can...

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