An Interesting Variation on the QB Sneak

Posted by Alex Kirby on

I don't always have time to watch a lot of college ball on the weekends since we're so busy preparing for our opponents, but during the week I like to get on YouTube or the ESPN3 website and find what I missed.

Here's a play that I absolutely loved:

Illinois needed just one yard in the 3rd quarter, just on the edge of the red zone, to keep the drive alive. You can see the video in the tweet below:

A lot of teams will have the ability to run the QB sneak here, but Bret Bielema takes it one step further and makes the play even more dangerous by adding an extra threat.

The QB gets the offense lined up in an offset formation, shouting signals as if he's making an audible, then rushes to the line to get under center.

At first, it looks like they're about to run a standard QB sneak up the middle.

Illinois QB Sneak - Pre-Snap Shift

Then, as soon as he takes the snap, he reverses out and tosses the ball to the back.

The offensive line is actually still blocking for the sneak, stepping to their inside gap and creating a wedge, so that if the QB decides he just wants to sneak it like normal, he still has the option to.

However, with the defense packed in tight, and the slot receiver having pre-snap leverage on that alley defender across from him, it's a good call by the QB to pitch it out there.

Nebraska's defense is actually in a decent position here, but all the offense needs is just one yard, and they pick it up.

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